Trung Vuong University was established in 2010, is a high-quality multi-disciplinary, multi-field and autonomous university. The university is on track to become one of the best universities in Vietnam in the fields of economics, finance, accounting, business and law.

mission: Provide quality human resources to serve socio-economic development of Vinh Phuc province as well as of the whole country. Towards providing AUN qualified human resources for the ASEAN community and the world.


👉 Accounting: providing prestigious training programs in the following areas: Corporate Accounting; Accounting for credit institutions, Management accounting; International accounting, Accounting information system, computerized accounting applied to banks and businesses; Enterprise audit; Bank audit…

👉 Banking and Finance Sector: providing knowledge in the field of financial analysis and investment in capital markets, money markets in the process of globalization; Grasp solid knowledge on practical operations in modern commercial banking…

👉 Business Administration: The demand for recruiting staff with a degree in Business Administration is always leading in the number of recruitment websites.

👉 Economic Law: Economic law has thus become a preeminent protection tool, contributing to maintaining stability and safety and bringing about high efficiency in the contract process of business units.

👉 English language industry: English is the common language of the world, currently there are 50 countries using English as the main language, nearly 80 countries using English as the second language.


👉 Formal College/University training.

👉 Transfer training from Intermediate to University, from College to University.

👉 Training and granting a master’s degree in economic management – Banking and finance.

👉 Training nurses to work in Germany.