Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

This program does not provide the basic knowledge of financial management, but is designed to improve the skills & advanced professional knowledge of those working in the financial – accounting field, focusing on 04 Common weaknesses of people working in finance: Analytical skills – Cash flow management – ​​Project financial management – ​​Financial planning.
The content is designed through case studies and practical situations, exchanging experiences and having practical tools directly on excel files and accounting and ERP software.

Our method

Our services

We provide classrooms with all necessary equipment and tools for teachers and students. In addition, students will receive a certificate of course completion after passing the tests.



  • Outstanding Financial Management knowledge.
  • Expert instructors with 20+++ years of experience.
  • Practice 100+++ Case studies & practical forms right in class.
  • Get a treasure trove of reference tools, free materials.
  • Get professional CFO CFO certificate.
  • Opportunities to interact with a network of students who are managers, leaders and financial professionals across the country.

Inhouse Course

We have provided many industry-specific courses, including to clients who are leading enterprises in the financial – securities sector on issues of internal control, risk management, asset control,… Securities-specific operations such as margin trading, proprietary trading, underwriting and brokerage operations are analyzed by experts of AFC Global Education into easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow situations. From there, raise awareness for employees of all departments in the company.

Some of the courses that we have done at businesses.

“True to each customer” is our motto when implementing training contracts with partners who are more than 20 corporations, large corporations at home and abroad. Industry-specific understanding is key to AFC’s success.

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