Master of Public Management (MPM) is a training program designed specifically for managers in public organizations, especially central and local governments, and non-governmental organizations. , and non-profit organizations. The focus of the Program is to equip students with the ability to think and analyze issues in the public sector and public policy as well as in-depth knowledge and skills on leadership and management in public organizations. , thereby, applying this knowledge to effectively implement the set policy objectives.





👉Equip management and leadership capacity for cadres and civil servants working in public organizations from central to local levels. The focus of the program is to equip learners with the capacity to analyze issues related to policy making and implementation.

👉 In addition, the program also equips with in-depth knowledge and skills in management and leadership to make effective decisions in the public sector, with special emphasis on solving real-world problems locally.

👉 Ability to solve hypothetical situations in a competitive business environment.



👉The program is designed to be highly practical, helping students gain knowledge, skills and experience, and improve their ability to make effective decisions in the public sector.

👉Develop students’ skills for independent research into business and management problems while enhancing their applied skills to solve real-world problems.

👉After completing the master’s program in public management, learners have the opportunity to participate in management, leadership and executive positions in human resource management, administration, educational organizations, and other departments. national and international training.



👉The Master of Public Management is a graduate-level training program for students who have completed university programs in the fields of business, state management and administration.

👉In addition, all those who are interested and want to learn to improve management capacity in public organizations can participate in the program.

👉Possessing a Master’s degree in Public Management will help learners have many competitive advantages and opportunities for career advancement, ready to take on leadership and management positions in domestic and foreign organizations.



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