Master of LandAdministration



The master’s program in land management aims to help students improve their professional qualifications and work capacity, with in-depth knowledge in charge of management, teaching, scientific research and application. practical application in effective land management. Thorough understanding of professional, technical, and professional knowledge and ability to competently apply policies, scientific, technical and technological advances in land management





👉 Students master specialized knowledge, can take on the work of experts in the field of land management

👉 Have critical thinking; have in-depth theoretical knowledge to be able to develop new knowledge and continue research at the doctoral level

👉 Have general knowledge about the law, management and environmental protection related to the field of training; theoretical and methodological knowledge on land management, land use and environmental protection

👉 Analysis and assessment of land policy strategies; Deploying scientific and technological advances in the field of Land Management; Research on land use and management.


👉Having the skills to complete complex, irregular, irregular, and predictable jobs; have independent research skills to develop and test new solutions, develop new technologies in land management;

👉Have foreign language skills to the level of being able to understand a report or speech on most industry-related work topics; can express themselves in foreign languages ​​in most common professional situations; be able to write reports related to professional work

👉Students are trained, improved professional skills and applied skills in land management, analysis and assessment of land potential, protection and restoration of land resources, application of GIS and telecommunications. detective in land management, building a modern land registration system…


👉All candidates applying for master’s degree training are citizens of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam with university degrees in the right field, in the relevant discipline and in the industry close to the one they are applying for.

👉In the case of diplomas in the near field, candidates must learn additional knowledge before taking the entrance exam



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