The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program will equip students with in-depth knowledge in business administration, providing students with skills and knowledge of advanced scientific research methods in the field of business administration. business administration area. Through a highly practical research process, application of case analysis, and research into up-to-date research trends and foundational theories in each professional field, the training program helps students form and improve problem-solving capacity in business, organize independent research, and analyze research results to serve the practical application of business administration activities of organizations.





👉 Provide knowledge so that students can build short, medium and long-term business strategies, directly manage and run business activities of corporations and businesses of all economic types. .

👉 Equip with new and in-depth knowledge, especially specialized knowledge of business administration. In which, a reasonable amount of time is spent for students to solve case studies and practical problems of businesses.

👉 Ability to solve hypothetical situations in a competitive business environment.



👉Improve students’ skills of analysis, synthesis and appraisal and assessment of issues in the field of corporate governance, especially in the international business environment in the period of economic integration.

👉Develop students’ skills for independent research into business and management problems while enhancing their applied skills to solve real-world problems.

👉Equip skills in using specialized foreign languages ​​and methods of searching electronic libraries for study and research.

👉 Foreign language proficiency: meet the foreign language output standards according to the Master’s training regulations promulgated by the Ministry of Education and Training.


👉Graduation from a university in the right or appropriate field with a major in Business Administration, Hotel and Restaurant Management; Management of tourism and travel services; Commercial business.

👉Graduated from universities in disciplines close to the majors registered for the exam, including the following majors: Finance-Banking; Accountant; Public policy; Management; Managing human resource; Management information systems; Office administration; Economic management; Science and technology management; Industrial Management; Energy management and other disciplines… and have supplemented knowledge of specialized subjects of Business Administration.



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