The CFO Program is the definitive program for aspiring or new CFOs, and for experienced CFOs who wish to refresh their base skills and knowledge. The program has two components – Operational Skills, which examines the core technical, systems and procedural skills, and Leadership Competencies, which emphasizes the leadership skills that provide the foundation for success for CFOs.

Upon completion of both components, participants will receive the Institute’s CFO Program Certificate of Completion. There is no particular order in which the two programs must be completed as both programs focus on separate and distinct skills.




👉 Reporting to the CEO or President, the Chief Financial Officer is the top job that leads, initiates, and manages the financial decision-making process within the organization. As senior advisor to the CEO and the Board – the CFO has five distinct roles: business partner, scorekeeper, commentator, expert and custodian. These diverse roles mean that the CFO has to see both the forest and the trees, needs to understand the numbers, as well as lead, develop and help execute the business strategy.

👉 This program delivers the core CFO competencies that organizations expect and demand. Get up to speed on corporate governance and risk management and the latest tools and application. Examine the relationship of strategy and risk-taking and help drive your organization’s mission and success. Nail down the planning, budgeting and internal control competencies that facilitate efficient and effective operations.

👉Explore the value-added CFO competencies in business valuation, business intelligence, M&A and intellectual property. Learn how to effectively communicate the core finance and operating results for internal and external stakeholders.




👉Learn how to clearly communicate your company’s vision—and develop metrics that will measure progress toward its achievement

👉Discover how to improve internal controls to ensure sound and timely financial reporting

👉Master proven techniques for managing financial risk

👉 Effectively monitor business performance against plan

👉 Gain the skills to develop and manage an effective finance organization

👉 Inspire your staff to the energetic and successful pursuit of corporate strategic goals

👉 Create high-efficiency performance incentive programs


👉Top-level financial executives, including CFOs, vice presidents and directors of finance, controllers, treasurers and board members.

👉Do you currently direct, or wish to direct the finance and administration areas of your organization? Do the CEO and the Board look to you for counsel and guidance? Are you trying to improve governance, accountability and the control environment? Would you like to examine the state-of-the-art developments in strategy, risk management and financial reporting? If so, then this program was created with you in mind.




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