Why should you choose to train through Smartrain.vn?

👉 Smartrain.vn is a smart online training system that provides short-term courses for leading businesses today.

👉 With the criteria of quality – dedication – flexibility, the training course is very suitable for busy people who want to improve their knowledge and skills but find it difficult to arrange time to go to class. With this system, you just need to spend much less than face-to-face training, get an account and learn as many times as you want. At the same time, you can still connect directly with the instructor when needed.

👉 Teaching content: Standard online resource format, associated with reality

👉 Training mode: There are 3 training methods deployed at Smartin.vn: Distance learning; blended online distance learning; Register for direct classes.

👉 Teaching staff: All of them are leading experts in Vietnam in many fields (refer to lecturer information:https://smartrain.vn/giang-vien.html)


CFO classes: https://smartrain.vn/giam-doc-tai-chinh-cfo-101.html
CEO classes: https://smartrain.vn/giam-doc-dieu-hanh-chuyen-nghiep-ceo-2106.html

Mini MBA classes: https://smartrain.vn/minimba-2109.html

CPO classes: https://smartrain.vn/giam-doc-san-xuat-chuyen-nghiep-cpo-2110.html

PMO classes: https://smartrain.vn/giam-doc-du-an-chuyen-nghiep-pmo-2107.html


Hotline for free consultation: 0918 924 388

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