How to buy courses at

🌸 Option 2: This is also the fastest way. You can contact us directly via our hotline number – 0918 924 388, to be consulted by a staff member for the right course, how to register, use and pay for the course.

🌸 Option 2: Register step-by-step on the Website:

👉 Step 1: In the search bar, find the course you want

👉 Step 2: Click on the course name you want to study -> click “Add to cart”

👉 Step 3: Select “Payment”

👉 Step 4: Select the method of payment by transfer and payment

👉 Step 5: Receive school account information within 24 hours via email. Please double check your information before paying and check your email.


CFO classes:
CEO classes:

Mini MBA classes:

CPO classes:

PMO classes:


Hotline for free consultation: 0918 924 388

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