Why should businesses choose In-House training???

The concept of In-house training has long been no stranger to the Vietnamese market when businesses have always wanted to improve the quality of their labor.

In fact, to improve the professionalism of employees, businesses or managers themselves, leaders can choose to train within the company (In-house) or train Public according to a pre-defined program. So why should businesses train In-house?

👉 Firstly, can take the initiative in training content: Instead of choosing to study according to a pre-compiled program, businesses can discuss with training partners to create programs according to their needs to bring to the most effective impact

👉 Second, save time: Because it doesn’t teach according to an existing program, it goes right to the needs of the business, so it saves time, and businesses also take the initiative in choosing the time frame. training period.

👉 Third, control the quality of training: As a host, businesses can easily monitor and control the quality of training so that they can promptly evaluate and adjust.

🌸 With experience in training for internal enterprises right from the time this type of training was formed, AFC Finance and Management Trainee is currently the leading In-house training unit in Vietnam, having deployed it to many people. many large enterprises such as: AMACAO Group; Vietcombank bank; PVN Group, Vicem Group…


☎️ Hotline for free support and advice: 0918 924 388

Details: https://afc.edu.vn/inhouse_Tag2012.html

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