What should study in Japan?

Studying abroad in Japan is an important decision that directly affects your future, so it must be carefully prepared from orientation to application procedures. The first and most important thing is to choose a major in Japan to have the great ability to work in Japan and also in Vietnam.


Not only Vietnam, Japan always has insufficient supply and demand for IT human resources – Japan’s key industry. This is also a very high paying job in Japan and Vietnam

Reference university: University of Tokyo; Kyoto University; Tohoku University


The field of study is in demand no less than IT. The income level of this industry will fall in the range of 50-100 million VND depending on the nature and working address.

Reference university: Kobe University; Osaka University; Tohoku University…


This field of study is in great demand in countries with an aging population like Japan, this is also a high-paying and stable job that many Vietnamese students are aiming for.

Reference university: Osaka University; Akayama University; Okayama University…


Translating has always been an industry with high salaries and great demand. This field of study is very suitable for those who want to return to their home country to work but still have a very high salary, because more and more Japanese businesses invest in Vietnam, leading to a huge demand for interpreters.

Reference university: Atago Japanese Language; Japanese AIC; UNITAS Japanese…


Japanese cuisine is very popular around the world with its simplicity but requires meticulousness and high skill. With skills and experience, you can open your own restaurant in Vietnam or work at a large restaurant with an attractive salary.

Reference university: Hattori Academy; Tsuji Culinary Academy; Tokyo Balle Epoque Culinary College…


Compared to the world, Japan’s manga industry is extremely developed. The painters or drawing teachers here have many job opportunities and high salaries.

Reference university: Tokyo University of the Arts; Tama Art University-Tama Art University; ICS College of Arts…

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