The Road to become a CFO

CFO is not an industry but a position in the business, so no university can immediately train a CFO, but must have a long-term promotion route. Most chief financial officers (CFOs) are formed from accountants/chief accountants.

👉Degree: Typical pathways would be bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting, business administration (MBA) or other finance-related degrees.

👉 Working experience: If starting from an accounting position, you need to have several years of work experience, accumulate skills in financial analysis, cash flow management, project financial management, strategy building financial strategy…, strive to become chief accountant and step by step become a chief financial officer. Or you can start from a financial analyst, move up to a senior financial analyst, a financial planner and gradually improve your skills to become a chief financial officer.

👉 Skills: A bachelor’s and master’s degree program at a university is not enough for a CFO. To perfect your skills, you need to attend advanced training courses such as: Chief Financial Officer (CFO); Certified Public Account (CPA); Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)…

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