Does the duration of a master’s degree affect the job?

There are many people who want to study for a master’s degree but are concerned that the training time will make it difficult for them to study and work at the same time. For this matter, everyone can rest assured:

👉 In order to create the most convenient conditions for the subjects of the master’s program, most of whom are already working, the study time is arranged on Saturday and Sunday.

👉 There are many people who have working time on Saturday, but we can completely negotiate with the company to have the most reasonable timetable. Total training time is only about 12-15 months + master’s thesis

👉 During the epidemic period, online learning must be organized, class hours will still be arranged at the END OF DAY or WEEKEND

=> The most important thing is that we must be determined and arrange a reasonable timetable. Getting used to learning by doing means more pressure and less time to relax.

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